Unlike most other facilitators, "First Appearance" owns the accommodation for the recuperation of patients and if required, their families. It is located in the heart of the Durbanville wine area which is famous for its fabulous wine. The nearest vineyard is on our doorstep. We never use guesthouses or hotels and our patients are never subjected to the invasion of their privacy whilst recovering. Also as the care is guaranteed 24 hours per day, physical and psychological support is constant and not just at the end of an impersonal telephone.

Whilst patients are incapacitated, all meals and services will be provided and support will be on hand. All bedrooms open on to the garden and as the accommodation is dedicated to patient recovery, it is totally private - your partner or friend is welcome to accompany you for a nominal fee. When confidence and mobility has returned the patient can choose to tour, shop or relax and then return to the comfort of the recuperation accommodation when they choose. Choice is what "First Appearance" is all about. What comfort is to one person is restriction to another. We aim to give the client his or her optimum level of comfort and if that is hand-holding; that is what will occur, if independence is preferred then so be it.

We have secured the services of an aromatherapist, reflexologist and beauty therapist who makes house calls and can treat clients both pre and post surgery to aid recovery and relaxation. We also have an excellent hairdresser who would be delighted to come to the house. Every possible comfort will be afforded to our clients.

Once recovery is underway, the opportunity of visiting the sights of Cape Town will be offered to clients of "First Appearance". Included in the itinerary can be the following: Table Mountain with it's famous table cloth, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, Cape Point (Cape of Good Hope) where one can see the baboons at play and of course the unforgettable Cape Wine Lands: Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franshoek, or Constantia. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery accompanied by the best wine in the world. What more could one want; to glimpse heaven and taste the nectar of the Gods whilst recovering. Ambrosia for the soul as well as healing of the physical wounds.


After undergoing general surgery in Cape Town and not having family in South Africa to support me, I recognised that there was a need for a support system for post operative care.  As South African Cosmetic Surgeons are recognised as the best in the world, I wanted to be able to offer plastic surgery, which was previously only utilised by the wealthy, to people from all walks of life.  To this end, I trained with surgeons to learn the particular skills needed to continue to care for the patients post operatively but in a luxurious and personal environment.

In 2000 I started "First Appearance" and determined that it would always be an exclusive and intimate company that specialised in one to one care.  After years of experience and observing other facilitating companies setting up and disappearing I knew that the decision was the correct one.  It was evident that there was a need but that patients did indeed require privacy and personal care.  In order to ensure the commitment promised was fulfilled, I decided to limit patients to two at any one time.  My success has been overwhelming as has been my continued interaction with many of my patients from all over the world, who have become my friends.

The majority of my clients are from Europe but as a result of personal recommendations, I am also now the premier provider of cosmetic surgery to clients from the United States : including an American medical doctor.  This has been achieved by continuing to uphold the pledges made to patients by never deviating from what is promised on my website.  I make a commitment to quality and cost in that I provide the absolute best and guarantee the price despite the vagaries of the exchange rate.  I feel that a patient needs to know what the bottom line cost is and as such can only know this by having a guarantee on a price. 

Websites can be misleading and clever terminology indicates a level of care that may not necessarily exist.  As an example, terminology such as '24 hour co-ordinated care' could be interpreted as meaning that 24 hour care is provided as is the case with "First Appearance".  However, the words 'co-ordinated care' actually means that a patient has to telephone for assistance and is then charged for the visit.  These same companies also leave the patient to buy fast food via a delivery company until they are sufficiently recovered and mobile to go out to eat.  Post operative patients need optimum nutrition and constant care, both physical and psychological to ensure comfortable healing and a good experience and ultimately an excellent result which is the objective of the whole journey .

I personally chauffeur my clients to and from the airport and to all the medical appointments. In addition, I do not use touring companies for sight seeing as I know they cannot turn back if a patient feels tired.  I take patients where they want to go and return with them when they feel the need.  It is this level of personal service that makes the massive gap between "First Appearance" and its competitors.

With the experience of having been a newcomer in this beautiful country and the consideration of 'how would I feel' contrasts the difference between just running a company and owning "First Appearance", a company with a superb reputation and testimonials that give credibility to the claim.  I am very proud to be able to say that "First Appearance" has earned the reputation and the credibility of being the premier cosmetic surgery facilitating company in South Africa.


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