1. How safe is Durbanville, Cape Town?

  As in many parts of the world, the countryside areas are often the havens that people love to return to after a day in the city. Cape Town is a very busy metropolis and is very similar to London or New York in that by day the tourists mix with the bustling office workers who pour into and out of Cape Town every day. By night, the atmosphere changes to one of a hubbub of nightlife and clubs with sometimes, a few of the attendant problems these environments can bring with them. There are some areas that are totally safe, such as the Waterfront and others that one would not perhaps visit, much the same as anywhere else in the world.

Durbanville is approximately twenty five kilometres away from Cape Town and is perfectly situated between the magnificent wine lands and the fabulous long, white beaches of the coast. Durbanville is a safe, upmarket, peaceful village with a fascinating history in farming and wine making. It is one of the most sought-after areas in the Western Cape prized for its tranquillity and beauty. Luxuriate by inhaling the clean, pure air of the winelands whilst recovering from surgery and enjoy having the time to really appreciate 'God's own country'.

2. How long is the bruising obvious after facial surgery?

This is dependent on what procedure is being undertaken. The surgeon will provide information detailing normal recovery periods etc. As a general rule of thumb, a two weeks should be sufficient for most procedures but this should be discussed with him.

Total twenty four hour after-care support will be available for the duration of your stay. It is your choice to stay home or to visit the magical areas in Cape Town. Every assistance will be given to ensure a wonderful, comfortable and restorative recuperation.

3. What can plastic surgery achieve for patients?

Depending on the procedure(s) chosen, surgery can result in a more youthful image. Birth defects, or perceived imperfections can be minimised or eradicated. Many people identify an area which they feel could be improved with surgery but it is only with the experience and expertise of an excellent surgeon that the improvement is attained or, when deemed not appropriate, denied.

It is important to be realistic about what can achieved. The media bombards us with 'beautiful people' but external beauty cannot repair a broken relationship. It can however, improve your self-image and self-confidence. Although elective, the doctors will veto surgery they consider inappropriate. This protects the sanctity of their profession and most importantly, you, the patient.

4. What are the risks?

As with all surgery there are some risks. The procedure will be fully explained and any particular questions can be put to the doctor during your on-line consultations. However, the surgeons will also fully explain in detail the risks and potential consequences at the personal in-depth consultation. Surgery will be undertaken in superbly equipped hospitals and day clinics. The after care in hospital will be of a superior standard and care by "First Appearance" will be carried out under the supervision of the doctor(s) and only once discharged by the surgeon from hospital etc

Although extremely rare, there can be incidences of adverse reaction to anaesthetic or postoperative complications like infection, blood clots, etc. Again these infrequent incidences will be discussed at the consultation.


5. Anaesthesia ? Conscious sedation, local or general anaesthetic?

Depending on both the patient and the procedure to be undertaken, the decision will be made by the doctor and patient during the consultation. Many operations can be performed under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation* but consideration must also be given to comfort and recovery. Your doctor will be best placed to determine the most appropriate course of action on your behalf.  
*conscious sedation is known as twilight sleep in Europe.

6. How painful is it?

A great deal of facial plastic surgery is relatively pain free but of course it depends on the operation and duration etc. Some procedures i.e. face-lifts are virtually painless and upper and lower eyelifts have been compared as less painful than permanent make up. Surgery on other parts of the body obviously results in differing pain experiences as will the levels felt by individuals. However, the very best analgesics (pain killers) will be made available to patients.

  7. What medical costs are included in the price quoted by "First Appearance"?

      1. Chauffeuring to and from all surgery/hospital appointments.
      2. Normal consultation fees for the procedure(s).
      3. Surgeon's fees for elected surgery
      4. Anaesthetist's fees for elected surgery
      5. Operating room fees for elected surgery
      6. Operating fees for elected surgery
      7. Hospital fees for elected surgery.
      8. All accommodation, meals, recuperative care 24 hours per day.
      9. Tours as agreed
      10 Free laundry service

"First Appearance" quotes for fees and costs undertaken in normal surgery and is not responsible for any fees outside the parameters of the elected surgery and the normal costs associated therewith. Any and all extra costs for emergency, unexpected procedures, interventions etc., are for the patient's own account. However, "First Appearance" guarantees 'no extra or hidden costs' for entities that are within the normal parameters.

8. What will be the end result?

As long as clients are realistic in their expectation, they will be delighted with the end result. Normally the majority of bruising has disappeared or is minimal after two weeks. Full healing takes between 3 and 6 months and some swelling may be evident after the bruising has gone. As the surgery involves living tissue, which is different in every person, results cannot be totally predicted. Rest assured however, that despite the fact that no one can guarantee risk-free surgery, every possible protection would be afforded to each one of "First Appearance's" patients. Once aftercare becomes the patient's own responsibility, the instructions of the medical staff must be adhered to and strict hygiene must be observed.

THE SUN CAUSES PIGMENTATION - if the doctor advises avoidance of the sun, patients must ensure that they adhere to this instruction.

9. Incidence of surgery

Every year the amount of people undertaking cosmetic/reconstructive surgery increases enormously. An interesting element is the number of men electing for surgery particularly face-lifts and eye lid surgery. With improved techniques and the achievement of natural, softer outlines, more and more people are enjoying the opportunity of affordable surgery with "First Appearance". The surgeons strive to avoid the dreaded 'mask look' that used to be associated with face-lifts. The concept of returning from holiday looking particularly 'refreshed' is one that most people find extremely attractive and is now easily achieved.

Although air fares are not inexpensive, if the fact that all accommodation, meals, transport etc., are included in the equation - the actual surgical procedure alone is still more expensive in both Europe and the USA. The single entity of surgery alone being more expensive in Europe and the USA really emphasises the benefits of "First Appearance" superior cosmetic surgery packages, whose guaranteed quotation include the total cost of the procedure(s), airport transfers, luxurious accommodation, 24 hour aftercare, meals, wine, tours etc. in the renowned and fabulous Cape Town, Mother city of South Africa. Also consider the benefit of the privacy and seclusion of your recovery - no person wants others to see them immediately post operatively - emerge as a new you after a wonderful restorative holiday.

10. What is the best airline to use and can "First Appearance" book flights?

"First Appearance" is based in South Africa and thus has in-depth knowledge of South Africa and its environs.  We specialise in cosmetic surgery and as such leave travel arrangements to the experts in their field.  People based in their home countries can often utilise 'special offers' that we would not have the opportunity to have knowledge of.  It is "First Appearance's" intention to ensure the best surgical procedure coupled with luxurious recuperation utilising the most cost-effective methodology.

11. Can partners or friends accompany a patient?

Yes, there is an all-inclusive daily rate that can be applied for accompanying guests. However, the maximum number of people accommodated is two. This is to ensure patient comfort and privacy. The garden and pool area are used only for patients and thus there is no risk of interacting with non-surgical guests. The accommodation is strictly reserved for surgical patients.

12. Are special diets catered for?

Individual patients dietry requirements are catered for. All food is freshly prepared and served and processed food is not served at all.  The emphasis of the diet would be to maximise recovery by correct nutrition.  Guests can request their choice of menu daily.

13. Why was this facility set up by Linda Benn-Ferreira?

After undergoing surgery in Cape Town and not having family in South Africa to support me, I recognised that there was a need for a support system for post operative care.  As South African Cosmetic Surgeons are recognised as the best in the world, I wanted to be able to offer plastic surgery, which was previously only utilised by the wealthy, to people from all walks of life.  To this end, I trained with surgeons to learn the particular skills needed to continue to care for the patients post operatively but in a luxurious and personal environment.

In 2000 I started First Appearance and determined that it would always be an exclusive and intimate company that specialised in one to one care.  After years of experience and observing other facilitating companies setting up and disappearing I knew that the decision was the correct one.  It was evident that there was a need but that patients did indeed require privacy and personal care.  In order to ensure the commitment promised was fulfilled, I decided to limit patients to two at any one time.  My success has been overwhelming as has been my continued interaction with many of my patients from all over the world, who have become my friends.

The majority of my clients are from Europe but as a result of personal recommendations, I am also now the premier provider of cosmetic surgery to clients from the United States : including an American medical doctor.  This has been achieved by continuing to uphold the promises made to patients by never deviating from what is promised on my website.  I make a commitment to quality and cost in that I provide the absolute best and guarantee the price despite the vagaries of the exchange rate.  I feel that a patient needs to know what the bottom line cost is and as such can only know this by having a guarantee on a price. 

Websites can be misleading and clever terminology indicates a level of care that may not necessarily exist.  As an example, terminology such as '24 hour co-ordinated care' could be interpreted as meaning that 24 hour care is provided as is the case with First Appearance.  However, the words 'co-ordinated care' actually means that a patients has to telephone for assistance and is then charged for the visit.  These same companies also leave the patient to buy fast food via a delivery company until they are sufficiently recovered and mobile to go out to eat.  Post operative patients need optimum nutrition and constant care, both physical and psychological to ensure comfortable healing and a good experience.

I personally chauffeur my clients to and from the airport and to all the medical appointments. In addition, I do not use touring companies for sight seeing as I know they cannot turn back if a patient feels tired.  I take patients where they want to go and return with them when they feel the need.  It is this level of personal service that makes the massive gap between First Appearance and its competitors.

The consideration of 'how would I feel' contrasts the difference between just running a company and owning First Appearance, a company with a superb reputation and testimonials that give credibility to the claim.  I am very proud to be able to say that First Appearance has earned the reputation and the credibility of being the premier cosmetic surgery facilitating company in South Africa.



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