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‘patient post-operative 10 days hence cream around ears'

Now that cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of the 'super rich' there is no need to look older than one feels. This procedure is relatively painless and one that heals extremely quickly. Done correctly, as First Appearance surgeons do, there is never the risk of the dreaded 'mask-like' appearance so feared by people who are contemplating this surgery.

The ultimate result is a softer, rejuvenated patient who looks and feels fresh.  A face lift does not alter the shape of the face except where jowls are removed.  Facial features remain the same but achieve a youthful appearance.  Only face-lifts that are performed under the muscles of the face actually change the shape and this procedure is not done unless specifically requested.

The choice of anaesthesia will be made in consultation with the surgeon and can be either a general anaesthetic or conscious sedation.

Jowls and sagging skin are extremely ageing and make an incredible difference when they are removed. By tightening the facial muscles, eliminating excess skin and tightening the chin area, the results achieved are excellent.

This procedure is often done in conjunction with a  lipoplasty of the neck/chin area, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and / or a forehead lift.

Prior to being discharged from hospital, the small drainage tube inserted during surgery will be removed and patients are collected and transported to recuperate. After surgery, stitches both in front of and behind the ears will be present. On the second day the face swells but this will slowly subside within the next few days.

The hair must be washed in an anti-bacterial shampoo daily and the wounds cleaned twice per day and treated with anti bacterial cream. This will all be done by the caregiver.

After approximately four days patients are able to go out for short trips. The caregiver will constantly monitor progress  until the follow-up consultation with the surgeon. This care is 24 hours per day.

For this procedure it is considered necessary to stay one day and night in hospital. The majority of the swelling will be gone in approximately 10 days & most bruising after two weeks. Do not take arnica or aspirin two weeks prior to surgery.
Smoking is contra indicted for this procedure.


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