Consultation : Cosmetic / Reconstructive Surgery

After your enquiry has been received and the decision has been made to take the matter further, the surgeon will require photographs, both front and side view in order that he can correctly evaluate and assess your suitability for surgery.

'Email' and telephone consultations are part of the service offered to ensure that you can make an informed decision. All communications will be treated with the utmost confidence and will not be forwarded without your express permission.

Procedures that require an actual surgical intervention
i.e. not aesthetic injections such as Botox, Juviderm, Perlane or Restylane.

Below is a detailed overview of the all inclusive package.  For additional clarity click 'quotation overview'

When more than one procedure is required i.e. Rhytidectomy (face-lift) with upper and lower Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyes) the price for the secondary procedure is reduced as a service to clients.

1.  Medical correspondence is co-ordinated with both prospective patient and registered surgeons and all patient queries are responded to relating to aftercare etc. Medical queries always referred to specialist cosmetic surgeons.

2.  Upon the payment of a small deposit, the date of the surgery will be agreed and surgeon, anaesthatist , hospital and theatre booked. At the same time the dedicated aftercare accommodation will be reserved.

3.  Clients are met at Airport and chauffeured to accommodation. All meals and drinks are included, including cocktails and wine. Clients are also chauffeured to all medical consultations relating to procedure(s).

4.  Itineraries are prepared and finalised for surgery, recuperation and tours.

5.  Clients are taken to consultation with surgeon and returned afterwards. These consultations are in-depth and an ideal time to ask as many questions as clients may have.

6.  Correct patient preparation is ensured prior to surgery.

7.  Constant emotional and physical support committed to 24 hours per day for whole period of aftercare.

8.  Fixed cost quotation with no change in price due to exchange rate fluctuations.

9.  Guaranteed no hidden costs - there will be no additional costs added to the quotation for the procedure(s) booked.

10.  Tour with owner, not via a tour company as the patient needs to be able to terminate the tour when tired. This is not achievable via a tour company.

11.  Patient accompanied and taken to all follow-up consultations.

12.  Client returned to airport for journey home.

13.  Guaranteed maximum of two patients at any one time.

14.  The service is totally personal and whilst the patient can enjoy the seclusion and privacy of the accommodation, gardens and pool, the security of having a constant support system on hand 24 hours a day ensures peace of mind whilst recuperating.



Due to the availability of Special Offers on flights in client's home based countries, it is in patient's financial interest to arrange their own flights.  We are very happy to advice what has proven cost effective for other clients but do not act as agents for either any airline or car hire company.

"First Appearance" is available online to answer your questions and you are encouraged to communicate as many times as you need for your comfort.


For a very comprehensive step-by-step look at a procedure from you leaving home, to when  you return: please click to view the Itinerary.

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