WHO AM I? ~ Linda Benn-Ferreira
After undergoing general surgery in Cape Town and not having family in South Africa to support me, I recognised that there was a need for a support system for post operative care.  As South African Cosmetic Surgeons are recognised as the best in the world, I wanted to be able to offer plastic surgery, which was previously only utilised by the wealthy, to people from all walks of life.  To this end, I trained with surgeons to learn the particular skills needed to continue to care for the patients post operatively but in a luxurious and personal environment.

In 2000 I started "First Appearance" and determined that it would always be an exclusive and intimate company that specialised in one to one care. 

After years of experience and observing other facilitating companies setting up and disappearing I knew that the decision was the correct one.  It was evident that there was a need but that patients did indeed require privacy and personal care.  In order to ensure the commitment promised was fulfilled, I decided to limit patients to two at any one time.  My success has been overwhelming as has been my continued interaction with many of my patients from all over the world, who have become my friends.

The majority of my clients are from Europe but as a result of personal recommendations, I am also now the premier provider of cosmetic surgery to clients from the United States : including an American medical doctor.  This has been achieved by continuing to uphold the pledges made to patients by never deviating from what is promised on my website.  I make a commitment to quality and cost in that I provide the absolute best and guarantee the price despite the vagaries of the exchange rate.  I feel that a patient needs to know what the bottom line cost is and as such can only know this by having a guarantee on a price. 

Websites can be misleading and clever terminology indicates a level of care that may not necessarily exist.  As an example, terminology such as '24 hour co-ordinated care' could be interpreted as meaning that 24 hour care is provided as is the case with "First Appearance".  However, the words 'co-ordinated care' actually means that a patient has to telephone for assistance and is then charged for the visit.  These same companies also leave the patient to buy fast food via a delivery company until they are sufficiently recovered and mobile to go eat out to restaurants of their choice . Unfortunately this option is often governed by how confident a patient is feeling if extremely bruised and swollen.  Post operative patients need optimum nutrition and constant care, both physical and psychological to ensure comfortable healing and a good experience and ultimately an excellent result which is the objective of the whole journey.

I personally chauffeur my clients to and from the airport and to all the medical appointments. In addition, I do not use touring companies for sight seeing as I know they cannot turn back if a patient feels tired.  I take patients where they want to go and return with them when they feel the need.  It is this level of personal service that creates the massive gap between "First Appearance" and its competitors.

With the experience of having been a newcomer in this beautiful country and the consideration of 'how would I feel' contrasts the difference between just running a company and owning "First Appearance", a company with a superb reputation and testimonials that give credibility to the claim.  I am very proud to be able to say that "First Appearance" has earned the reputation and the honour of being the premier cosmetic surgery facilitating company in South Africa.


"First Appearance" is a cosmetic surgery facilitating company that has been in existence since 2000 and was the first in Cape Town. It is still the only company to ensure twenty four hour aftercare personally supervised by the owner of the company.

In association with Registered Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons we offer luxurious but affordable all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages with 24 hour constant in-house care in private exclusive recuperation accommodation.  An important factor of "First Appearance" is the guaranteed price. We quote in British pounds or US$ and do not change the price despite exchange rate fluctuations. This is considered fair as the clients know what to expect and can budget accordingly. There are no additions to the price. All meals, accommodation, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) medical related transport, airport transfers and agreed tours, are included in the quotation.

The surgeons used by "First Appearance" are all highly qualified members of the APRSSA: The Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa and have a minimum of 20 years in practice.
Hospitals utilised are superbly equipped and staffed by experienced Nursing Sisters.
We have not experienced the incidence of MRSA in the facilities used by "First Appearance".  (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) known as the 'Hyperbug' bacterium, which is resistant to antibiotics and is increasingly infecting European hospitals.

The surgeons from South Africa are highly sought after throughout the world and both practice and teach in the capitals of Europe and the United States. Patients can rest assured that the procedures and methodology adopted will either match the techniques of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, or exceed them. South Africa is recognised as being surgically progressive as is evidenced by the world's first heart transplant performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard. This legacy of brilliance has continued but is tempered with the conservative approach to cosmetic surgery to ensure the desired natural appearance post operatively.

The luxury packages are affordable due to the favourable exchange rate and "First Appearance" is delighted to offer superb cosmetic surgery that was once previously reserved for only the wealthy, to people from all walks of life. Once healed, clients can enjoy a holiday in beautiful Cape Town , the Mother City. Visit Table Mountain, Robben Island, the wine lands and return to your home country looking and feeling fabulous in the certain knowledge that only you know why. Your cosmetic surgery is your private concern and should be shared with only those YOU choose to include.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of females - men too can benefit from the removal of sagging eyes or jowls in the lower face or even a forehead lift where appropriate - look fresh and feel more confident to compete against the younger elements in business. Men can also have pectoral implants which improve the contours of the upper body enormously.

Your accommodation will be private and staffed by caring individuals. Your physical and psychological comfort is of prime importance. Anxiety concerning after-care is completely removed, as in-house care is provided and guaranteed 24 hrs, every single day and is exclusively for your private rest, relaxation and recuperation in-house. You will not be subjected to the stares of people who have not undergone cosmetic surgery.  Guest houses and hotels cannot offer the level of personal care required after surgery. They will not take responsibility for you in the event of you needing assistance. The comfort of having someone to ensure your well-being is paramount is vitally important to healing and ensuring a brilliant outcome to the surgery.

The owner of "First Appearance", Linda Benn-Ferreira, is the primary care giver and the reason "First Appearance" is kept small and exclusive is to ensure that the high level of care is maintained. This cannot be achieved without strictly limiting numbers uf patients.

We do not offer flight options as our specialisation is cosmetic surgery and not that of a tour operator. The best flight prices can normally be obtained in the country of the origin of the flight and thus it is much more cost effective for the client to investigate this element.

Although air fares are not inexpensive, if the fact that all accommodation, meals, transport etc., are included in the quotation - the actual surgical procedure alone is still more expensive in both Europe and the USA .  This is with absolutely no aftercare at all and certainly no holiday in the sunshine of the fabulous Cape .



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